SWEDA Face-to-face event in Italy

The first international workshop for higher education students enrolled in the blended course offered within the framework of the Erasmus+ project SWEDA, took place in Perugia (Italy) from the 16th to the 21st  of May 2022.

The workshop was organized by the University of Perugia – Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences (DSA3) with the logistic support of EGInA, the European Grants International Academy.

The event accounted for the participation of 20 students, one member of SWEDA teaching staff from Latvia, and five members of the teaching staff from Italy.


Participating students were involved in practical activities and technical visits related to the competencies developed during the study  of Module 1 – Sustainable agro-livestock farm and Animal welfare: method, technique and experiences, as well as in group works for the further elaboration of the local projects’ implementation plans.

A relevant part of the workshop was focused on the analysis of agro-livestoock farm business models and during the technical site visits and SWEDA’s students collected important information about how the business was managed, identifying criticalities and even proposing interesting solutions. In particular, the technical site visits involved 9 multifunctional and agro-livestock farms characterized by a different farm business model.

La Semente – Social farm Business Model






Le due Torri – Biodynamic Farm Business Model





Di Filippo – Biodynamic and Agroforestry Business Model

F.lli Ciri – Circular Farm Business Model


Agrileisuretime – Educational Farm Business Model