Italy, the International Workshop for Students enrolled in the SWEDA course

The first international workshop for higher education students enrolled in the blended course offered within the framework of the Erasmus+ project SWEDA, took place in Perugia (ITALY) from the 16th to the 21st of May 2022.

30 students – from the University of Perugia, Technical University of Riga and the University of Kassel-Witzenhausen, Germany – were involved in practical activities and technical visits related to the competences developed during the study of Module 1 – Sustainable agro-livestock farm and Animal welfare: method, technique and experiences, as well as s in-group, works for the further elaboration of the local projects’ implementation plans.

The workshop was organized by the University of PerugiaDepartment of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences – with the logistic support of EGInA, the European Grants International Academy.

Technical Visits for students and teachers who attended the course:

  • La Semente is a day centre and social farm that was set up for adults on the autism spectrum. It is a great amenity for the region and a brilliant example of social farming;
  • Le Due Torri Farm covers an area of about 200 hectares in the territory of the plain of Spello and the hills overlooking Foligno. The livestock breeding facility of the Farm “Le Due Torri” is home to about two hundred Chianina cattle (cows, bulls and calves). While the agricultural land is cultivated with cereals, forage and other food crops, together with the woodland and an olive grove;
  • Vini di Filippo, 30 hectares, overlooking Assisi, resting on sun-drenched hills between Torgiano and Montefalco, in the heart of Umbria. We have a tradition of cultivation which respects nature, as we strongly believe in the need to find a constant balance between man, soil, flora and fauna. As a result, we adopt organic cultivation which respects the laws of biodynamic farming;
  • Agrileisuretime, the farm is for those who love nature, and animals, get together to chat about organic food, recipes that come from the peasant tradition and the collection of wild herbs in all seasons, walk in the woods and let the children play with the animals of the farm or on the sand of our large sports arena and also learn languages, English and French .. from an early age playing in the natural environment;
  • F.lli Ciri, The Casale Grande farmhouse is located in the countryside around Spoleto, in Beroide (the accommodation is part of the Agricola Ciri Company, which extends across the land surrounding Spoleto on an area of about 500 hectares). Their passion for these fantastic places has led the owners of the farm to emphasise their uniqueness, and they have carried out the renovation of farm buildings used for Agriturismo;
  • Colforcella, located between Cascia and Norcia, Rossi Rita’s Colforcella Farm consists of a semi-extensive sheep and goat farm. The animals are raised organically and all the milk is transformed directly in the company dairy with EC stamp. On the farm, we raise happy animals to have high-quality milk that we transform raw and directly. Our company represents the shortest supply chain between grass and cheese;
  • De Carolis, among the woods and meadows of Civita, the Natalini / De Carolis family raises all dairy animals: sheep, goats and cows. We are talking about 400 sheep (mostly Lacaune, but also Massesi and Sarde), 30 goats (mostly Saanen) and about 10 cows (Red Pieds). Such a varied amount of milk gives the company the opportunity to produce different types of cheese;
  • Opagna, from high mountain pastures to your table. The Opagna Farm tells the story of the peasant culture of the Di Porzio family which for over three generations has been engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding in the mountains of Cascia and Norcia